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Jake Bolton Fucks Jace Tyler

jake bolton eating ass

jace tyler sucking jake bolton's dick

Sexy hunk Jake Bolton made quite a splash over on Butch Dixon when he made his first two videos — a solo jack off and a hot fuck session with Lucio Saints. (Click those links to see them here at Joe Spunk.) I figured it’d only be a matter of time before we started seeing this hot man showing up on other sites. And this week he’s doing his first topping scene for Bulldog Pit. (I’ve been told that he also has a solo video coming up in a couple of weeks.)

Jake Bolton and Jace Tyler are playing boyfriends. Jace wants to sleep in, so Jake leaves his lover in bed and heads off for a run. Returning home hot and sweaty, Jake sits on the edge of the bed and starts undressing to head into the shower, but Jace has never been able to resist the smell of his man after a run. He swallows his man’s thick uncut cock, buries his face in his musky pubes, and licks his sweaty balls clean.

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Jace climbs on top of Jake, shoving his jockstrapped butt in his lover’s face. Jake licks the boy’s hole and primes his puckered rosebud with his finger. Jace sits on Jake and buries his thick bone deep inside his ass, then Jake rolls his partner over, hoists the boy’s leg on his shoulder, and fucks his hole wide open. Jake replaces his dick with his fingers and plays with Jace’s ass until he blows a wildly wet load of jizz all over himself. Jake licks the boy’s dick clean of spunk and sprays his own wad all over Jace’s cummy torso.

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jake bolton fucks jace tyler

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