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Sexy Bearded Scotsman – Matteo Valentine

hairy bald man

We don’t see many Scottish men on Butch Dixon, but there have been a few. (I blogged about Alan Knight here a couple of times. That link will take you to his posts.) Sexy bald Scot Matteo Valentine has me thinking a trip to Scotland is definitely in order if this is how the men look up there. However, he works as a barman in a London pub — Scotland’s loss in England’s gain.

Matteo is a handsome bald man with a full, dark beard. He’s furry, wears a lot of tattoos, and he’s a perverted little fucked. There’s not much that this furry man won’t try: “Try it three times just to be sure,” he says.

hairy bald man

Like I said, Matteo Valentine is a kinky man and he’ll try just about anything. In this Butch Dixon video, Valentine gets into one of his favourite past times — sounding. He greases up his sounding rod and slips it inside his urethra and keeps sliding until he’s buried it as far as it’ll go.

This Scottish man doesn’t have a huge cock, in fact, it’s quite average. But honestly, it’s the perfect dick for me — big enough to slide down your throat without spraining your lip — with a juicy, plump cock head and a girthy shaft. And I sure wouldn’t complain if this sexy bald hunk was humping my face or fucking my ass.

hairy bald man

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