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Nasty Cop Pounds Isaac Jones


randy jones and issac jones

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Randy Jones is one mean-looking cop. He’s big and beefy with bulging muscles, he’s bald, and he likes his sex rough and nasty. He makes me fantasize about being bad so I can get myself arrested. Issac Jones doesn’t have to fantasize in this scene from World of Men, he’s got this bald policeman all to himself.

I thought Issac Jones was British because he appears on so many of the U.K. gay porn sites, but I just discovered he’s actually French. He’s 29, good looking and well built, heavily tattooed, and he’s packing a delicious, 8-inch uncut cock.

Randy Jones is wearing a police vest, his underwear, and combat boots. He pushes Issac to his knees, hikes a foot up on the bed, and grinds Issac’s face into his bulging crotch. After Issac gets a nose full of Randy’s sweaty crotch, the muscle man hauls out his honking fat uncut dick and pushes it down Issac’s throat. The Frenchman doesn’t need a lot of help or instruction, he knows how to suck cock. Still, I’ve been where Issac is and it’s always fun to be manhandled.

Then Randy lies back on the couch with his legs in the air and barks orders at Isaac: “Lick my ass … suck my balls … swallow my cock.” Randy’s had enough of the Frenchman’s mouth and he wants to feel his fat dick inside this guy’s ass, so he bends Issac over and devours his butt hole with his tongue. Randy spits on Issac’s rosebud and slides his thick meat inside.

Issac grunts as Randy’s fat tool invades his butt hole – I love a thick penis in my ass, they fill you up differently than a long dick does. And the other thing I love about this scene is watching Randy’s big, fat ass pumping away. God that’s beautiful ass!

The men end up spooning of the couch with Randy drilling Issac’s hole until the Frenchman shoots a massive cum load all over himself. Then this beefy cop kneels over Issac, beats his fat uncut cock against Issac’s lips, and finally showers his thick load all over Issac’s chest. It’s fucking hot!

randy jones and issac jones

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