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March 30, 2010 Comments (12) Views: 46 Hairy Men & Bears

Naked Rugby Player

Beefy Rugby Player

I’ve seen a lot of hot, hairy men over at Butch Dixon, but I was surprised today when I got a glimpse of Jack Saxon; I haven’t seen many sportsmen on the masculine men site. Jack is a rugby player who starts his photo session off in his rugby kit. And then he strips down to his jockstrap and teases us, griping and stoking his fat, uncut cock. There’s something about a man in a white jockstrap and knee-high socks that really gets my pistons pumping. And when this rugby player moons the camera, he shows off a perfectly beefy ass. Shit, with a beautiful ass like that and a rock-hard, big, uncut cock, I wouldn’t know whether to fall to my knees or bend this naked ruby player over. But who am I kidding? I’m a big bottom, so I’d the one bending over and that thick cock of his would fit nicely into my own beefy ass. Jack strips naked, plays around with his rugby ball, takes a snort of his sweaty socks, and strokes his dick hard. You’re going to love this beefy hunk.

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12 Responses to Naked Rugby Player

  1. Joe says:

    Hunky fuckers. My cockmeat is 8 inches and thick with a 2 inch overhang of cockmeat foreskin. Gets filled with lots of cock jizz. Hot guys on this site would love to bunghole rim them after blowing their uncut jizz shooters.

  2. john says:


  3. LIAM C says:

    Naked Rugby Player Jack Saxon is so fucking hot. I’d love to suck my cum out of his beautiful hole. Jack buddy u can fuck me to hell and back xox

  4. joseph says:

    god, i so want that cock in my mouth right now!

  5. Graham Hanze Banks says:

    Damn, he’s so fine, get him to sit on my face, please! ;)

  6. Mike says:

    My mouth is waiting for his juicy cock. He can fuck me and I’ll suck him til he shoots his cum down my throat and rim his ass.

  7. mark says:

    I would luv to slide my tongue deep up hid hot ass and slowly lick his balls until he is so horny he grabs me and fucks me so hard I cant walk
    Just to lay in bed with him, kissing till we are so fucking horny we shoot our load onto each others chests

  8. Aaron says:

    I hope that you will please handcuff me to the bed first and tie my ankles to the bed post.

  9. big pénis says:

    i would like to suck all of them but i don’t know how to join them. if someone likes me just send me a true number or a true call number

  10. Zacharie says:

    As we say in French: Miammm! (Yum-yum)! I wanted to see more photos of this sexy guy. Rugby has to be the sexiest sport!

  11. Jr. says:

    I’d play balls with him anytime!!!!!

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