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bradley flexing his arms behind his head

Bradley Tugs his Foreskin

We don’t see a lot of guys tugging on their foreskin at Chaos Men, so Bradley is a real treat. He’s a tall, bearded stud, he’s gay, and 25 years old. And he’s packing an eight-inch uncut dick. And if you like hood, you might just go a little ape shit for Bradley’s meat, you see, his foreskin is tight, ...

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austin wilde fucks joey moriarty

Austin Wilde Flip Flops Bare with Joey Moriarty

I didn’t know that Austin Wilde was a fellow hood hound, but about his latest scene he says, “I have a foreskin addiction, so I let Joey stick his inside me too!” The session starts out with Joey Moriarty giving Austin a massage. By the time Austin rolls over on his back, he’s rock hard, so Joey swallows his meat. ...

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donnie dean licking adam champ's uncut cock

Donnie Dean & Adam Champ in “Catch 22″

You can’t imagine how jealous I feel watching Donnie Dean sucking Adam Champ’s cock. First, Dean is one of the best cocksuckers working in Pornland these days — he doesn’t even know how to give mediocre just-the-tip head — and second, Adam Champ has a thick, dark-brown, uncut dick that inspires a long oral session. Champ is such a sexy ...

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iago torres holding his cock

Hung Daddy Iago Torres

I don’t know much about Iago Torres except that he’s a bearded daddy with a thick, uncut cock and he likes taking care of younger lads in the sack. In fact his first video at Butch Dixon has him fucking his real-life lover, a younger stud named Nick Spears. Standing in the window bare chested, Iago unzips his jeans and ...

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five men fucking in bareback orgy

Lovers Bruno Fox and Nick North Head Up 5-Man Bare Bang

For me, Isaac Eliad is the bright spot in this five-man orgy, but just barely — the whole damned scene is on fire, it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite man or moment. Eliad is a handsome Frenchman with a beefy body and he loves getting raw dogged in gang bangs, and he gets what he wants in this one, ...

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dirk caber giving will braun a blowjob

Dirk Caber Teaches Will Braun How to Fuck a Man in “Big Bro”

Most of Dirk Caber’s scenes at have him walking a blurred line, like when he fucked all his stepsons in the eight episodes of Stepfather’s Secret. Then he and Colby Jansen fucked each other’s sons in Son Swap, and now in Big Bro, he’s putting the moves on Will Braun, a troubled youth that he’s supposed to be mentoring. Caber ...

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rocco steele and billy santoro

Why Is Rocco Steele Wearing a Condom in this Video?

If ever there was a video that didn’t need to be made, it’s Raging Stallion‘s Bang On! with Rocco Steele and Billy Santoro. Steele has filmed dozens of bareback videos — he has mostly performed raw — so does anyone really want to see a rubber on his monster cock? Barebacking is a personal choice, and I respect that, but Santoro has ...

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