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Sicilian Muscle Hunk Gianluigi Volti and his Huge Cock

gianluigi volti

Gianluigi Volti is a massive muscle hunk originally from Sicily, Italy. He loves to travel and this leg of his trip takes him to Rio de Janeiro where he’s giving us a view of his magnificent body from a private penthouse overlooking Copacabana Beach. As spectacular as his body is with those huge rolling shoulders and meaty pecs, by far ... Read More »

Bear Executive Sneaks Off to Cheap Motel for a Wank

bo francis

Bo Francis has a demanding job and a busy home life. This daddy rarely has a moment to himself. But about once a month he sneaks off to a cheap motel where he spends a couple of hours catching up on some sorely missed wanking. On this occasion he invited Bear Films to come along and watch. They rented the ... Read More »

The Dolf Dietrich and Drew Sebastian Mighty Sex Tour


Rock stars go on world tours, so why can’t porn stars? Well, they can. Real-life couple Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich start theirs with several appearances at Southern Decadence in New Orleans (August 27 to September 3). “The Dolf and Drew Mighty Sex Tour” Dietrich halfheartedly calls it in an interview with Joe Spunk. “LOL. I’m not really calling it ... Read More »

Haven’t We All Wanted to Fuck the Underwear Store Hunk?

brad kalvo and victor west

Victor West is a big brute of a man wearing an impressive dark beard. It’s stunning — mesmerizing — you couldn’t stop staring at if you tried. At the shoulder, his arms are as thick as some guy’s thighs, and his triceps are furry. So is his back. Shit, there’s not a place on West that isn’t covered in hair ... Read More »

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