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Bearded Airman Vince & His Beautiful Uncut Dick

bearded hairy man holding fat foreskin cock

Vince is one of those men who definitely looks way hotter on video. Sometimes a man’s sexiness just doesn’t come through in photos (these are far too yellow), and sometimes pictures don’t do enough justice to a man’s dick. This handsome bearded airman really springs to life and shines in his video. He’s confident, speaks well, and has a nice ... Read More »

Big-Bellied Bear Unloading His Nuts Poolside

ben chatham naked outside

The hot tub at this Palm Springs hotel sure did see a lot use by the men from Bear Films over Bear Weekend. So far I’ve seen a duo, a threeway, and now big-bellied, young bear Ben Chatham is having a soak. He’s relaxing and waiting for the sun to go down, he wants to sit back in one of ... Read More »

Handsome Italian Hunk Alex Marte Debuts at Butch Dixon


We used to see a lot more of handsome, Italian hunk Alex Marte. I’m not sure what he’s been doing, but I’m sure glad that he’s back. There’s just so much to love about him — his black beard and plump, kissable lips; his beefy arms and furry torso; and of course, his thick uncut cock and huge, round butt. ... Read More »

Beautiful Hunk Dominic Santos Can Suck His Own Cock

dominic santos sucking his own cock

Dominic Santos has everything a guy needs to suck his own cock: a lean body, flexibility, and a big dick. This sexy stud is half black and half Italian and he’s simply gorgeous. I don’t really care that he can blow himself, I’m quite capable of doing that. What gets me cranked up is the whole package — he handsome ... Read More »

Antonio Miracle & Mario Domenech at REBELUTION

antonio miracle and mario domenech-rebelution

Real-life lovers Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech recently appeared a Rebelution where they did am on-stage sex show. I’m at a bit of a loss because there’s nothing but a logo at the Rebelution website, so I’m not sure whether Rebelution is a bar or an event. It doesn’t help that I don’t speak Spanish so the guys’ Twitter feeds ... Read More »

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