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kylian dall

Kylian Dall’s Long Uncut Cock

Kylian Dall is Montreal bartender and he’s sporting a deliciously long, uncut dick. Actually, it’s only eight inches long, which is big enough, but on a guy standing 5’7″, it looks huge. He just finished his first video for Men of Montreal where he showered and then jacked off sitting on the couch. He’s handsome with a well-defined body and he’s ...

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jed athens feeds jay rising his own cum

“That Hole Is No Longer Yours, It’s Fucking Mine.”

How would you like to face Jay Rising and his 10-inch cock on the wrestling mat? That’s one fight I’d definitely throw. But in this week’s Naked Kombat fight, Jed Athens isn’t in the mood to take Jay’s monster dick up his butt. Jed is two inches taller and outweighs Jay by almost 20 pounds. Jay gets in a few ...

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colby jansen and deviant otter

Colby Jansen Flip Fucks with Deviant Otter in “Fucking Myself”

Colby Jansen’s latest scene called “Fucking Myself” is notable for a couple of reasons: it’s Deviant Otter’s first appearance at and the scene features a ridiculous but funny premise where “Freaky Friday” comes to Pornland. It’s moving day and Colby comes across a 10-year-old picture of himself (Deviant Otter) and wonders what it’d be like to travel back in ...

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Scotty Rage Gets Off on his Smelly Socks

Who wouldn’t love kneeling between Scotty Rage’s legs and nursing on his thick cock? He’s a rugged and sexy daddy with a solid, hairy body and salt ‘n pepper beard, and he’s making his first appearance at Hot Older Male. Rage has just finished a run and he’s sweaty and horny. He pulls his cock out of his shorts and ...

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dolf dietrich licking rocco steele's huge cock

Dolf Dietrich Makes Love to Rocco Steele’s Monster Dick

Sitting on Rocco Steele’s monster cock wasn’t a huge stretch for Dolf Dietrich — his boyfriend is Drew Sebastian after all — he can bounce on a niner anytime he wants. But still, I’m impressed whenever I see anyone burying Steele’s bone deep inside their hole. Dolf Dietrich is making his first appearance on Lucas Entertainment; this is Rocco Steele’s third ...

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no porn at google's blogger

Google Pulls the Porn Plug on Blogger

On February 23, Google notified Blogger users that they have one month to remove graphic content from their blogs. Google did not explain their new policy banning graphic nudity or sexual activity, but it takes effect on March 23. For now, existing porn blogs won’t be purged from Blogger and Blogspot, but they will be designated as “private,” meaning the ...

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