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Mobile Hook-Up with Max Duran and Xavi Duran

max duran and avi duran

What did we do before cell phones and hook-up apps? I cruised parks and alleys or head to the baths, but it sure is more convenient logging to a site and thumbing through profile pics. In this Fucker Mate video, Max Duran found Xavi Duran on one of his favourite apps and invited the bearded top over for a fuck. ... Read More »

Billy Edges his Fat Cock and Gives Himself a Cum Facial

billy clark holding his very fat cock

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that fat cocks are better than long ones. Look at Billy Clark’s thick stump of meat, aren’t you getting horny just thinking about sitting on that thing? When his video starts at You Love Jack, he peels off his jeans and rubs hand over his hard-on in his Fruit of the Looms, ... Read More »

Jaxon Colt Soaks Bennett Anthony’s Beard in a Shocking Cum Blast

bennett anthony sucking jaxon colt's cock

It’s not easy to fake chemistry and passion. Most porn performers don’t have the acting chops to pull it off without looking smarmy and overacted. Bennett Anthony and Jaxon Colt aren’t acting — they’ve got it bad for each other.’s “Bathe and Misbehave” is one of the sexiest videos of the year and it starts off with deep kissing ... Read More »

Good Cop, Bad Cop

connor maguire fucks abel archer

Officer Abel Archer is new to this precinct, so he doesn’t know that Connor Maguire is a dirty cop who likes serving up his own kind of justice to unfortunate prisoners. In this Bound Gods scene, Archer comes to the aid of an inmate who Maguire is trying to fuck down in the basement. But when Archer tries putting the ... Read More »

Adam Champ Services His Houseboy’s Hot Little Ass

allen king giving blowjob to adam champ

Don’t you hate those people who win a lottery and say, “I’m going to keep working.” If I became filthy rich I’d definitely hire a hot houseboy to take care me — maybe even more than one. In this Men at Play video called “Shine,” Adam Champ has just hired a cute boy toy to take care of his every ... Read More »

“Fuck Man, Just Use Me.”

logan stevens barebacking yuri

Logan Stevens doesn’t film heaps of scenes, so I tend to forget how beautiful his cock is. It’s big, thick, and uncut and he’s using it on Yuri’s ass in this video from Raw Fuck Club. I don’t know where this bald daddy came from, but he’s a sexy fucker with one of the most gorgeous, beefy asses I’ve seen ... Read More »

Rocco Steele and Esteban Stuffing their Massive Cocks in Aymeric Deville

rocco steele raw fucking aymeric deville

Aymeric Deville has two giant cocks to service in this new Tim Tales scene. Esteban Orive and Rocco Steele take turns on the sexy bottom’s ass, and I don’t know whether to pity him, envy him, or give him a standing ovation. A bit of all three I guess. Talk about a fuck to remember. Handling either Rocco or Esteban ... Read More »

Joe Gage Rednecks at Titan Men
Joe Gage Rednecks at Titan Men
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